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"Thanks for all you are doing to walk me through this process!  The benefits that are coming from our time together (and the lessons) will truly last all my lifelong!  Some of your comments and the applications I have not even processed completely."

NJ - Literary Agent, California



Think of the roles that an athletic coach plays with her team members - everything from assisting them in setting and achieving goals, to help with conditioning – both mental and physical, to teaching them techniques/plays, to dealing with the emotions and possible setbacks that go with reaching for high goals. A Life Coach plays similar roles to help a person conceive and achieve goals.


Why a Christian Life Coach?

And if your worldview is from the Christian perspective – that God is your creator and created you with unique skills, gifts, and passions for a specific purpose – then it is essential that you align yourself with a Life Coach that comes from this same worldview.

I believe that when a woman commits to seeking out her unique life purpose, she is simply submitting to the process of discovering God’s plan for her life – not creating her own life plan.”

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