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Dr. Katie Brazelton - Founder: Life Purpose Coaching Centers, Intl. - Author: Pathway to Purpose for Women, Character Makeover


What a blessing for me to receive [coaching client] emails like this! This is POWERFUL. It should be posted on your website, young lady. Thank you for being willing to be a “whole woman” who lives for God.


Your [LPPF] reports always give me goose bumps, dear heart. I’m covered in them right now – even shivering a little! I think I need to turn on my room heater and breathe a minute. Hugs and love and motherly pride in a little bird that definitely spread her wings. You are an eagle, young lady, so let me see you soar – forevermore…I look forward to God’s continued anointing on your life as students report into you in the near future – about THEIR successes! You are the caliber of gal I am tickled to hand my life’s work off to.


Dr. Pamela Royster, Founder
!NDeed, (W!ND
) Inc., Pennsylvania
Author of When God Turns the Page

As a Coach, Geri was flexible, warm, understanding and willing to go the extra mile.

As a Life Plan Facilitator, Geri was a tremendously yielded vessel for the Holy Spirit's use. She was an excellent hostess adding “special touches" as far as accommodations, atmosphere and personal needs that ministered far beyond the actual facilitation. She was overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging, helping me to "see" the positives in the midst of some "not-so-positives" and recalling common themes from my life story. Her "gift" of gentle, compassionate listening and guiding became evident when we laughed and cried together and when she offered friendly, helpful "nudges" as needed.

CT - 50+, Company President, Kansas 


It [the Life Purpose Plan Facilitation] was really a great experience for me.  I came back feeling very, very blessed and ready/willing to serve the Lord.   Thank you again for being such a great facilitator.   I know that the Holy Spirit was part of our facilitation team & I appreciate you being such a great listener to where the H.S. wanted me to go. 


I was absolutely blown away by this process.  Geri was focused on me, was a great conduit for the Holy Spirit, and led me gently to the places I needed to be. I flew to Akron expectantly and left Akron feeling blessed and affirmed by God… I enjoyed watching how my life plan came more & more into focus as we moved through the modules.  It was an absolute thrill to see how God has always, always, always, been with me… Geri was a great listener, prayer warrior and “nudger” to move me to areas that needed more attention… What surprised me was that even though I consider myself to be spiritually mature and have a fairly clear picture of where I have been and where I am going … I was not stepping up and using my gifts, experiences, and dreams to my fullest potential! Now I understand much better that God expects much more from me. What at honor & privilege!


Geri was a wonderful hostess, prayer warrior, and constant cheerleader as we moved through the process. Coaching & facilitating life plans are definitely part of her calling.  She held my feet to the fire for the two days she worked w/me [during LPPF].


AB - 29, Missionary / Life Coach, California


I praise and THANK God for you!  God is using you in mighty ways in my life.  Thank you for being a vessel that He is using to help set His daughters free!!!  I am also still blown away by what the Lord did in our session on Monday night…. Thank you for your heart and willingness to come alongside me as I pursue God’s purposes and freedom in my life.


Wow, it is TRULY an honor and a blessing to have you as my coach.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I am SOOO THANKFUL for your prayers, encouragement, vulnerability and love.  You are a WONDERFUL coach and are going to richly bless all those who have the privilege of working with you.  May God bless, anoint and expand your ministry beyond you wildest dreams!!!


NJ - Literary Agent, California


I was absolutely blown away by my time with Geri today…! God poured down clarity and revelation….almost too much to carry for one day!! What a profound day and experience!! God used Geri and the experience in mighty ways! WOW!


Thanks for all you are doing to walk me through this process!  The benefits that are coming from our time together (and the lessons) will truly last all my lifelong!  Some of your comments and the applications I have not even processed completely.


TL - 34, Life Purpose Coach, California


Geri was incredibly encouraging to me and helped confirm my purpose in life.  Her honesty and God-given wisdom were inspirational to me.  Any woman would be blessed to have Geri as their Life Purpose Coach.


JP - 48, Construction Executive, Ohio

Thank you, Geri, for providing a path.  Wave after wave of the Lord making Himself known to me.  Thank you, Geri.  The Lord continues to peel away at the layers of mistaken thinking in my life.  I thank God for you and your ministry that helped me discover ways of doing just that.

SB - 48, Life Coach, Ohio


I want you to know how special I feel to have someone praying for how to minister specifically to me - what a rare and loving gift that is.  Thank you…. I do feel so loved and blessed by God to have been brought into this coaching relationship with you.

I do praise and thank God for his gentle hand leading me forward - and for the special people He brings along my way to help...like you.

[LPPF]…the time I've spent with Geri brought out significant revelations regarding roadblocks I've faced… Geri was organized and prepared.  She provided a lovely environment, with special touches I enjoyed.  Her tools were high quality and functioned well. Geri had a good balance of professionalism, warmth and intimacy - our prior [coaching] relationship helped this too.  Geri exercises her gifts of wisdom and discernment very well.  I'm blessed to have had this opportunity with her and with this ministry.

IA - 50+, Homemaker / Social Worker, Ohio

Geri was an incredible coach for the Pathway to Purpose journey!!  She leads you gently and helps you discover how Our Lord has been with us throughout our lives without us being fully aware!

JS - 37, Life Coach, Michigan

Woooohooooo ~ I'm on board and so excited to begin this journey on the Pathway to Purpose with you!... Thanks for being courageous and faithful regarding this program. Your confidence in it is really what helped me hear God's voice! Thanks!!

Geri’s modeling and motivation inspired me to walk in faith towards God’s purpose for my life. Geri was instrumental in helping me claim and see the value of my strengths, talents, and unique makeup. She compassionately and intuitively helped me reframe my disappointments as something God could and would use. She also challenged me to identify and boldly take the next practical steps. I can say that I sincerely felt Geri believed in me. While Geri held her focus on me, she also demonstrated faith, hope and vulnerability – allowing me to see what God can do in a heart fully committed to him.

LR - 50, Packaging Development Manager, Ohio

Geri was an incredible coach for the Pathway to Purpose journey!!  She leads you gently and helps you discover how Our Lord has been with us throughout our lives without us being fully aware!

I was… so thankful that I have you as my coach.   Self-awareness can be difficult and I am really challenging myself to be open and honest.  It is a comfort to know that I have a godly woman who cares about my journey -- thank you.
As always -- you're follow-up notes on our conversation leave me encouraged and excited about taking steps forward.  I particularly like the 'Team LaVerne' comment and have repeated this inside my head throughout the week. 

Through the Holy Spirit and your unique spiritual gifts, you've made such a difference in my life and I will always be grateful… I couldn't have asked for a better coach -- God knew what He was doing -- He's amazing.

Geri's main strength is her complete trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and her trust in the conversation process.  Through Geri's conversations from week to week it was always apparent to me that she was reflective and thoughtful about previous conversations, completely sensitive to my vulnerability, and always prayerful; which made me feel safe.  I particularly liked the timely follow-up to our conversations in email documenting the highlights and homework.  I reread these emails and will look to them as a source of inspiration for years to come.

Geri interjected many other exercises that I found very valuable, such as, the Truth Chart, Life Gate, and Anchor Point concepts.  I also appreciated the other resources Geri passed on like Bible Gateway, book references, and the many scriptual passages she shared to encourage me.

Geri is an exceptional listener and has an ability to find the patterns, life themes that pull the conversations together.  There were several times when I was very vulnerable and I would describe these moments as tough spots -- I would be anxious inside wondering how Geri was going to react to my answers.  Geri was  never judgmental, always framing her answers using examples and passages from the Bible, lifting me up and honoring the journey I was traveling.  While sensitive to me, Geri gently asked me to stretch my thinking and to take a different perspective on many of my life issues. Always punctual and professional.

Geri's idea of follow-up conversations that we could schedule afterward provide a means to continue building on the results.  I appreciate that the communication door didn't abruptly close after the last conversation -- that would have left me feeling very sad.  Knowing that I have this option as follow-up and support means a lot to me.


The Level Two instructor-led process for Life Purpose Coaching Leadership Development with Geri is a blessed experience.  Geri is very familiar with me because she was my Level One coach through the 10 Conversations on Purpose.  Our background together is built on a solid foundation of mutual trust and God-filled inspiration.  Every conversation with Geri is like breaking open new territory for growth in the Spirit.
Geri leads the Level Two conversations with prayer, grace, and loving servant hood.  She is always focused on her client, a thoughtful listener, and coach extraordinaire! She often provides me with personal tips for my growth as a daughter of God, as well as coaching tips to help me develop my skills and women's ministry in LPC.  I leave our conversations feeling challenged, excited about embracing change, and humbled by God's grace and mercy.  Geri is a terrific role model, coach, instructor, and loving sister in Christ.


BR - Florida


I thoroughly enjoyed the entire “package” of having my life plan done, enjoying all aspects of the weekend.  Geri really knows how to pamper a girl!!  I LOVED the little surprises she sprinkled about and the sense that I was truly being served ALL weekend!!  I walk away from this experience knowing that it was God who was communicating with me and pursuing me.  He had some things to tell me and Geri was the effective tool He used to make those things clear.  It IS like being at a spa…only I was being refreshed in more ways than just physical. 


JM - 50, Women's Ministry Director, Ohio


Did the facilitation meet your expectations?

Yes, the facilitation met all my expectations and more…Geri did everything by the book! The bathroom was definitely clean! She was well prepared in the set up and with all the comforting details. The foods I had previously chosen were presented beautifully and were delicious. A tray was made available with comfort items for my use throughout the facilitation - that was very thoughtful. Her warm and friendly personality made her easy to talk to and fun to get to know…although, I wasn’t allowed to ask too many questions. It was a day designed to be all about me! Over all, I felt cared for and very loved. It was an overwhelming feeling!


What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed how accommodating Geri was to me…she was sensitive to my likes and dislikes and made every effort to make me comfortable. She switched hats for me a couple times during the facilitation to help me understand more of what she was doing and why. This will help me in the future when I facilitate a life plan. My ‘seed’ necklace gift was the icing on the cake!!!! J


What, if anything, surprised you?

It was surprising just how powerful an atmosphere and a demonstration of love can be.


How did you feel about the pace/timing of the facilitation?

The pace was perfect – I liked where Geri put in the surrender time – it seemed to work well for me.


MM- Women's Ministry Leader - Maryland


Thank you so much for coming…You did a tremendous job!  The women were very touched, some were even crying during the exercises.  I was very pleased with the outcome and the acceptance of the women [of the PTP message]…I expect God to do great things through you as you continue to minister. Also, I stand in agreement with you that God will set before you an open door of ministry.

Revelation 3:8 “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.”


CP- 43, Motivator - Maryland


I was asked by a Deacon to be her assistant and I accepted the call. Geri, the session that you led sure prepared me for this next step.  I am sometimes reserved… and when you asked everyone to take turns to be the lead of a weekly PTP session, I was forced out of my zone of being a follower to being a leader.  Even though I didn't know where to start, before it was my turn the Holy Spirit showed me what to do!!... the message God sent through you was planted and took root in my heart.


God bless you abundantly and strengthen you even more in your Pathway "of" Purpose.


JK- 37, Forecasting Manager - Arkansas


Geri has been a wonderful coach and mentor to me over the last year.  Her insight and Godly advice has truly made a difference in my walk with Christ.   The time we have spent together exploring the “pathway to purpose” as well as our other coaching sessions has strengthened my foundation and equipped me to face the next phase of my life successfully. 


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