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"Your Life Purpose Plan result reports always give me goose bumps, dear heart.  Hugs and love and motherly pride in a little bird that definitely spread her wings.  Your are an eagle, young lady, so let me see you soar - forevermore.  I look forward to God's continued anointing on your life as students report into you."

Dr. Katie Brazelton, Founder LPCCI®, Author Pathway to Purpose, Character Makeover


"I leave our conversations feeling challenged, excited about embracing change, and humbled by God's grace and mercy.  Geri is a terrific role model, coach, instructor and loving sister in Christ."

LR - 50, Packaging Dev. Mgr, Ohio


"Thanks for being courageous and faithful re: this program. Your confidence in it is really what helped me hear God's voice."

JS - 37, Life Coach, Michigan



Level I - Life Purpose Coach® Certification Program includes (Pre-Qualification Necessary):

This training program will equip you with the necessary skills and practice to allow you to have and purposeful expression of your God-given gifts by coming alongside women who desire to discover and fulfill their own unique purpose.

The Level I Program includes:

  1. 5-sessions (minimum, 10 recommended) of private Coaching using Conversations on Purpose book.

  2. 5 downloaded E-Workbooks from Life Purpose Coaching Centers Intl.®

  3. 5 private instruction sessions using the downloaded E-Workbooks.

Level II - Leadership Development Series Program (Level I is a prerequisite):

You will learn about the following specific opportunities within the ministry to enhance your Life Purpose Coaching practice: COORDINATING Purpose Parties; PLANNING Retreats; CONSULTING for Women’s Ministries; SPEAKING on behalf of our Speakers' Bureau; LEADING Bible Studies, Book Clubs, and/or Christian Book Studies.  Also available are two modules on "Holy Living" and setting up and marketing your coaching business.

The Level II Program includes:

  1. 5 downloaded E-Workbooks from Life Purpose Coaching Centers Intl.®

  2. 5 private instruction sessions using the downloaded E-Workbooks.

Level III - Life Purpose Facilitator Certification Program (Level I and II are prerequisites):

This is an in person 3-day training that teaches women to conduct a private, 1-to-1, intensive, 2-day Life Purpose Facilitation process with a client.   Your own personal Life Purpose Plan is a required prerequisite to be involved in the Level III training.

The Level III Program includes:

  1. Your personal Life Purpose Plan facilitated in 2 days in Durango, Colorado.

  2. Instruction manual from Life Purpose Coaching Centers Intl.®

  3. 3 days of instruction and role-playing also in Durango, Colorado. (can be done directly following Life Purpose Plan)

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